When:       Every 2nd Monday each Month     
Location:  Champaign Library-Robeson Room 1st Floor
                   200 W Green St, Champaign          
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Time:         7pm to 8pm   
Who:         Open to the Community
When:    April 13
Speaker:  Pam Blosser
Topic:       Meditation for Health and Well Being

Contact:     champaignnami@aol.com

We provide a speaker from our community who provides valuable information on  topics related to mental illness.   Free and open to the public, get the information you need to know about mental illness and services in our community.

NAMI Champaign Monthly

Community Event Night:

Founded: 1983

President:  Nancy Carter

Past-President: Diane Zell

Vice President:  Vacant

Treasurers:  Sue Keller & Sue Heiser

Secretary Recording:

John Mayer

Secretary Correspondence:

Carol Lichtensteiger

Librarians:  Ken Rust & Debra Medlyn

NAMI Homefront Course:

Ann Russell and Robbie Russell

NAMI Family-to-Family: 

Nancy Carter 

Donna Mayer

NAMI Family Support Facilitators:

Nancy Carter

Diane Zell

Donna Mayer

Debra Medlyn'

Gail Hankins

Gina Valio

Family Member at Large:

Debra Medlyn

Consumer at Large & CIT Liason

Richard Brandt

NAMI Basics Course:

Troy and Violet Wheat

Website and Newsletter:

Gina Valio

Mailing Address:

NAMI Champaign

P. O. Box 1514

Champaign, IL 61824

Contact Phone:  #217-419-5345

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NAMI Champaign Board

We Have a Simple Mission

To provide education, support, and advocacy, to all persons living in our community who are affected by mental illness.


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P. O. Box 1514,

Champaign, IL 61824   Phone:  (217) 419-5345